Drosselmeyer Tea Infuser


Drosselmeyer tea infuser is a simple elegant spoon with a sliding lid with micro holes that work with the most fine-grained tees. Pull the cover back and fill with your favorite tee. And once you've got the desired strength of your tea, the tea infuser can be put on the table without spill.


Product Description

  • Elegant design with micro perforated sliding lid
  • Works with even the finest teas
  • Easy slide up to fill the scoop with tea, slide down and dip in your cup
  • Very easy to clean
  • The design blends a minimalist sculptural expression with precision engineered stainless spring steel and food safe poly-carbonate

Additional information


Black with silver lid


Stainless steel and black polycarbonate spoon.


H 15cm B 3cm


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